Crew Message

Hi Crew

Currently I have sufficient crew for the current delivery. Things can change so I will update via Email any Opportunities for joining us in the future.

Best regards,

Peter Neaves

Register Here

Thank you for registering on my crew file.Occasionally when my regular Crew are unavailable and I send out an email to all who have registered on my Website. Many of the deliveries are on the East

Coast of Australia however some are much further afield.Most positions are unpaid and crew from the most previous delivery have first option  and hence may get their Airfares paid. Otherwise all on board provisions are covered

by the owner. Your cost will be for food / drinks whilst ashore and not underway.

Should your travels / plans fit in with the proposed journey please feel free to contact me. There is no need to respond to any of my e-mails if the location is
not suitable to you.

Please advise me if you wish to be removed from the database. Your details will not be supplied knowingly to any other party.


Peter Neaves

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