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Position Report and other info UTC +11 Hrs (Sydney time)

Friday, 19 January 2018, 1300 Hrs

32 53 S, 152 07 E, around 10 Nm South of Port Stephens under engine as expected. Currently the sea breese is very much N-NE but with a bit of luck may go East to give us a little push along in the afternoon / Evening. Approximately 100 NM to Port Macquarrie, all is well. Update again on approach to the entrance of Port Macquarrie.

Thursday, 18 January 2018, 2200 Hrs

Left the CYCA, unfortunately D’Abora Marina no longer supplies fuel after 1730 Hrs despite being a swipe card self service for some reason. That meant a quick walk up the road to the 24 hr petrol station to top up our fuel containers. Anyway finally underway.

0700 Hrs

About to head off in the next hour for Port Macquarie. Minor hitch just before the chandlers closed required a fuse so have packed several spares and about to down a meal. Update in the morning.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018,

Delivery from Sydney to Port Macquarrie, Short notice due to the weather window. Hope to depart on Thursday January 18th.


Two Shaye, Melbourne to Sydney

Position Report and other info UTC (+11 Hrs Sydney Time)

Thursday, 21 December 2017, 1600 Hrs

Arrived Ransa Sailing Club, Rushcutters Bay

0800 Hrs

34 31 S, 150 58 E, 4 Nm East of Port Kembla, making good speed again under sail after waiting for 10 Hours for the current Southerly to kick back in. Unfortunate for the crew who had some arrangements in place on arrival in Sydney but that’s how it is with the weather only being a forecast so timing can not be relied upon. Current ETA APPROXIMATELY 1500 Hrs

Wednesday, 20 December 2017, 1900 Hrs

35 26 S, 150 33 E, 5 Nm East of Ulladulla which gives us around 100 Nm to the heads, currently in light northerlies but expecting the southerly winds to kick in again in around 3-4 hours.

0700 Hrs

Leaving Bermagui. Current forecasts show Southerlies all the way to Sydney, expecting to arrive sometime before lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017, 1000 Hrs

36 25 S, 150 04 E, arrived at Bermagui. Expect to leave again first thing Wednesday morning on a forecasted Southerly. Bit of boat cleaning, a long awaited shower and not much happening in town.

Monday, 18 December 2017, 2230 Hrs

Leaving Eden for Bermagui

1500 Hrs

Eden, Parked and arranging fuel. Will leave in a few hours for Bermagui to wait for Tuesday’s northerly to blow through before continuing on Wednesday.

0700 Hrs

37 27 S, 150 00 E, 4 Nm North of Cape Howe. Rounded Gabo Island at around 5 am, currently motoring into 15 Kts of Northerly wind. Have just added the last of our spare fuel to the tanks so should be sufficient to make it slowly to Eden with an ETA of around 1500 Hrs. On the current forecast it looks like the wind will change to the South on Wednesday Morning and it should hold long enough for the last 200 Nm to Sydney from then. Will update on arrival in Eden

Saturday, 16 December 2017, 1500Hrs

39 10 S, 146 20 E, 3 Nm South of Wilson’s Promontory with 10 Kts SW wind. Motor sailing still and about to do a fuel check, Reasonable speeds of 6-7 Kts and hoping not to have to back off to insure enough fuel for the rest of Bass Straight depending on what wind assistance we end up getting. Next phone reception in at probably 24 Hrs so contact only via sms to the sat phn if required.

0530 Hrs

38 43 S, 145 16 E, 10 Nm South of Phillip Island. Variable wind as predicted so still under engines, hoping for a little bit of wind assistance to save fuel for the Bass strait crossing. Will update later today when reception returns off Wilson’s Prom.

Friday, 15 December 2017, 1100 Hrs

Leaving Fuel dock at St Kilda Marina. Slight problem with one engines gear selection. Resolved with a spare part for the second engine in tow. Good to have a shipwright (Brandon) on board sorting out any teething issues.

0830 Hrs

Leave the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. Finally found a troublesome fuse on the auto pilot.


Port Moresby to Townsville

Friday, 20 October 2017, 1545 Hrs

Arrived in Townsville, all well. Thank you to Steve and George for your help

1100 Hrs

18 52 S, 146 42 E, Still out here! As the crow fly’s its 25 Nm to Townsville but do you think we are able to draw a straight line? We have now travelled 100 Nm more than needed due to the SE winds and the need to shelter behind the reef during Wednesdays storm. Anyway I’m not giving any ETA because every time I do the time doubles, suffice to say ‘we get there when we get there’.

Sorry I missed your call yesterday Duane but was taking one of half a dozen hours sleep that I have managed in the last few days.

Thursday, 19 October 2017, 1100 Hrs

17 38 S, 146 19 E, Just 100 Nm to go to Townsville, A very long day and night yesterday but now motoring inside the Barrier Reef in less than 10 Kts of wind, the torrential rain has turned to drizzle. Customs have now been advised of an ETA of 5 AM tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 1600 Hrs

17 14 S, 146 45 E, main down and course changed for Flora Passage. Winds ESE 35-40 Kts, seas 5 + Meters. We have a bit on, looks like a long day / Night

1300 Hrs

16 46 S, 147 32 E, Winds SE 30-40Kts, Course changed for a better angle to the waves.

1100 Hrs

16 31 S, 147 36 E, Still 100 Nm to Palm Passage, another night of rain and thunder squalls making it difficult to keep east enough to enter the reef far enough South. Murphy’s law, as soon as I update Customs on our ETA shit happens. Will see how we go today, hoping the wind may go more East and maybe a bit North but looks like it wont be until Friday morning when we can get clearance now. Currently we are getting 25-30 Kt SE winds and the seas are up to 2.5 M Mainsail up and engine off to assist our course.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 1100 Hrs

15 08 S, 147 38 E, Now 130 Nm NNE of Cooktown. Wild elactrical storms last night saw gusts of up to 45 Kts from all compass directions and buckets of rain. Ended up with 10 Kts ESE wind this morning so motor sailing back on course now. Just 250 Nm to go so looking like landing in Townsville on Thursday afternoon.

Monday, 16 October 2017, 1100 Hrs

13 29 S, 147 31 E, Almost half way to Townsville, around 60Nm NE of Osprey reef. Currently having rain squalls which is making it a little difficult to maintain easterly bias in our course which has been reasonable till now. Duane’s weather reports are telling us it could drop off from around 15 Kts to under 10 Kts of wind so will use those lighter winds to motor a bit more on an easterly course. Looking to make our passage through the reef at “Palm Passage” hopefully by Wednesday to bypass Cairns and head straight to Townsville. The stronger SE winds are expected back again on Wednesday.

Saturday, 14 October 2017, 0730 Hrs

Leaving Beagle Bay, the plan is to make as much SE distance today as able under engine before turning South and sailing Towards Townsville. The wind is forecast to drop off by Sunday to 10-15 Kts and turn a bit more Easterly hopefully giving us a better angle. After a busy day navigating through the reef it was great to have a decent meal (meat tray won at the Yacht Club) and a full nights sleep.

Friday, 13 October 2017, 1930 Hrs

10 03.5 S, 147 42 E, Anchored in Beagle Bay PNG, Started off nice and calm as we motored inside the reef along the Coast. The wind as forecast, gradually built through the day until we were bashing into 25-30 Kts S-Easterlies.

0645 Hrs

Leaving Port Moresby, Currently motoring down the coast in the Lee of the land, expecting or hoping the trade winds will ease off for the first time in weeks over the weekend so as to make a reasonable course towards Townsville. Update in around two days.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017, 1700Hrs

Still in Moresby but should be able to clear customs tomorrow and leave towards the end of the week. George will be arriving tomorrow as well for the trip so a big welcome aboard. Updates soon, thanks Duane for the detailed forecast, nothing more to say a few days ago but “the weather is shit for days” or words to that effect.

Monday, 9 October 2017, 1700 Hrs

Still waiting on customs clearance, looks like a couple more days whilst paperwork is issued. Oh well at least the wind looks like dropping off a bit as the week progresses anyway so should give us a better run when we finally set off.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Royal Papua Yacht Club

Waiting for Customs Clearance. Looks like they wont be showing up today.

Previous Delivery Greece to QLD,

February 2018 – September 2017

Older Position Report and other info UTC +12 Hrs (Auckland time)

Wednesday, 13 July 2016, 1600 Hrs
36 48.6 S, 174 38.9 West Park Marina, Auckland NZ We are here, thank you to
all on board and back home for your help.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016, 1000 Hrs
Ready for the last leg from Opua to Auckland in the next few minutes. Down to 3
of us now as Phil and Peter bailed due to time restrictions. The Southerlies are
predicted to die off today and start moving East then to the North over the next
day or so. Expecting to arrive in Auckland at lunch time Wednesday. Will update
tomorrow and again some time after arrival.

Saturday, 9 July 2016, 0800 Hrs

35 18.8 S, 174 07.3 E, Opua Marina New Zealand. Well done all crew both on board and a big thank you to Duane the weatherman back on shore. Sorry for the late update as spent the whole Saturday looking for an internet connection after device failure. Will be updating the log summary with photo’s etc throughout Monday.

Friday, 8 July 2016, 1030 Hrs

34 22 S, 172 41 E, Yea Ha, 4 Nm due North of Cape Reinga. Currently a light Easterly slowing our motoring down to 4 Kts. After the low passed the wind started falling away to nothing overnight as Duane predicted. Hopefully he is wrong this time but doubt it when on the last forecast strong Southerlies / Easterlies are heading our way. Looks like we will need to change plans and clear customs at Opua and wait for improvement before completing the final leg.


Thursday, 7 July 2016, 1200 Hrs

Having difficulty sending and receiving Sat phn messages due to the heavy cloud cover. Will try again next break in the sky

1030 Hrs

34 23 S, 170 23 E, Still 120 Nm to the first Cape. It’s been a long night and looks like a long day ahead. Winds were up 30-40 Kts overnight and calmed a bit to 20-30 Kts this morning as the centre of the low reached us. Hopefully it will move away from us quicker than it approached. Talk about pissing down. DONT EVER BUY GILL WET WEATHER GEAR! Load of shit leaked since new, has the unique ability to suck the water straight to the bone. Add that to leaving the best pair of wet weather pants ever owned (Agile) on board the last boat and you could say I’m f@#!*&#g pissed off!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016, 1030 Hrs

33 26 S, 168 20 E, Wind NNE at 15 Kts, Course of 95 Degree M at 5.5 Kts. Expecting the wind to build through the day which may build our speed a little however the speed humps are currently slowing us down. All well on board looking forward to rounding the Cape probably by Friday afternoon / evening.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016, 0930 Hrs

32 43 S, 165 54 E, Another 370 Nm to the North Cape. Enjoying another day of drying out before things get hectic again. The barometer is still steady at the moment so taking advantage of pre preparing food and tying down loose stuff. Thanks for another few updates Duane. Tough call however to stay above 32 Degree South for more favourable winds in front of the change. Currently 30 Nm above the Rhumbline so another 40 Nm north will make it another 12 hours ish in the SW storm in order to get to shelter. Given our distance out it may be hard to call at this stage but any updates on the timing and the strengths of the East and NE wind and the strength and timing of the SW front will assist in determining just how far North we should stay.

Mackerel sky and mare's tails make tall ships carry low sails

Mackerel sky and mare’s tails make tall ships carry low sails

“This weather proverb originates from a nautical background when different cloud types were used to determine whether sails needed to be lowered. Also referred to as just a ‘mackerel sky’, it is associated with altocumulus clouds while ‘mare’s tails’ refer to cirrus clouds. Both could develop before the instance of a storm which would lead to the lowering of the ships sails. Altocumulus clouds appear when there is a certain level of moisture in the air suggesting rainfall is approaching. The term “mackerel sky” comes from the clouds resemblance to the the scales of the mackerel.” (UK Met Office)


Tuesday, 28 June 2016, 1200 Hrs
32 14 S, 156 10 E, POSITION UPDATE! To make dead reckoning easier for the
weatherman we are LYING AHULL from this position until the weather improves.
Drifting at around 4kts at 020 Degree M, wind at 30-40Kts from the South. We
were having difficulty making any Eastward progress so in the interest of boat
and crew safety have decided to reach for a pack of cards. Hopefully you can
update us from time to time on the position and direction of the low and or

IMGP8940 IMGP8935IMGP8945
0800 Hrs
32 44 S, 155 56 E, Course of 020 M. Wind Southerly at around 30kts.
Currently running downwind at around 8 Kts. Will try to put more east in our
course once over the northern end of the seamounts to our east in an hour’s time.
This will slow us down quite a bit as we have minimal sail up currently. Thanks
for the weather update Duane, unfortunately we will be unable to put much South
in our course probably until the worst of this weather blows through, I think
the best we can hope for until then is to go slow until it passes. All on board
are doing well however. Thanks Kevin for your message. Will update again tomorrow
weather and conditions permitting.

Sunday, 26 June 2016
1230 Hrs, Leaving Sydney for Auckland


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